long meadow @ Third St

park slope

Classes meet Wednesdays at 4:00 PM with Travis. Classes begin September 5 and run for 4 weeks, through September 26.


walking directions (stroller accessible):

  1. Begin at the park entrance at Third St and Prospect Park West.
  2. Follow the pedestrian path that leads southeast. When facing directly into the park, the path leads off diagonally to the right, towards the Third St playground.
  3. At the Third St playground, keep left.
  4. This path will cross the Prospect Park loop (West Dr). Cross carefully, looking out for bicycles and park vehicles!
  5. After crossing the loop, continue straight toward the Long Meadow.
  6. Once you arrive at Long Meadow, continue straight on the path and look to the left for our Little Bandits flag.

We will post daily class updates on our Twitter. If you're having trouble finding your class location, please email us at info@littlebanditsmusic.com, or call or text us at one of the phone numbers provided in the "outdoor classes" guide.