Free Trial

Some things are hard to explain-- you just have to be there. We feel that way about Little Bandits! We could talk ourselves blue in the face trying to describe the magic moments that make up a class, but it'll never compare to witnessing it yourself.

That's why, before you commit to a session of classes, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to come make noise with us for free to see what we're all about. All you have to do is sign up for a drop-in class and use the code "FREETRIAL", and your price will be adjusted to $0. If you'd like to bring two kids with the same adult (siblings, nanny-share, etc.), use the code "SIBLINGTRIAL" instead.

And if you've already taken classes with us, share the code with a friend! They can join you at any Little Bandits class as their free trial.


If your Little Bandit has a sibling who would also enjoy our class, we want you to be able to bring them without paying an arm and a leg! Sibling drop-ins are only $15 a class, and that 40% discount extends to full-session sign-ups as well.

Sibling discounts will be automatically applied at checkout for most purchases. Class packs, however, do not automatically factor in the discount. Add two class packs to your cart and then use the code "SIBLINGPACK" to take 20% off the entire order, which will equate to 40% off the second sibling's class pack.

Kids don't have to be siblings to use the discount, either. Friends, cousins, and nanny-share kids are all eligible for the second-child discount, as long as they attend class together, with the same adult.

If your second child is 6 months or younger, or 5 years old or older, then they are welcome to attend free of charge.

Mention us on your group, forum, or message board

The best advertising we could ever ask for is a kind word on an online group, forum, or message board; posts about Little Bandits have brought families to us that have become near and dear friends.

As a token of gratitude for sharing Little Bandits on your group, we'll share a promo code to take an additional $25 off a full session of classes! Here's how to do it:

  • You must be the first person to post to the group about this particular session (e.g. Fall) of Little Bandits

  • The group must have 10 or more members

  • Your post must include a link to our website

Once you've posted, email us a screenshot of the post (or a link, if the group is public), and we'll send you the code!

another way to save on Little Bandits classes

Our Pay-What-You-Can program helps us make Little Bandits classes a more inclusive and accessible experience! A limited number of spots are available in each class. Click here for more details.