Information for KidPass customers

Thank you for registering for Little Bandits using KidPass! Below, you'll find specific access instructions for our venues, as well as our class guidelines.

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Alex & Jeanna

Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery has plenty of space in the entryway of the classroom for storing strollers.

Please remove shoes before joining us on the rug.

The Deck

The Deck is a counter-service café, offering coffee, teas, sandwiches, and more. Present this coupon for a special Little Bandits discount on any purchase!

To allow plenty of room for us to play, please be prepared to store strollers on the sidewalk out front.

To keep everybody safe in a shared space, it is not necessary to remove shoes for this class.

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Please use the intercom to the right of the door to be buzzed in. Use the button that is second from the bottom, which is currently labelled "BSEC". This button corresponds to the second floor. PLEASE NOTE! If you do not use this button, we will not hear the ring and we will not be able to buzz you into the building. If there is no response, please call us at (484) 282-0996.

Please store your stroller neatly in the building lobby and head upstairs- the classroom will be to your left. Please remove shoes before joining us on the rug.

ACCESSIBILITY: The entrance to the building is at the top of a stoop, and our classroom will be at the top of a flight of stairs. The building does not have an elevator. Please contact us with accessibility needs at

Park Slope Jewish Center

Please use the 14th Street entrance intercom to be buzzed in. If there is no response, please call us at (484) 282-0996.

Once inside, walk down the half-flight of stairs to the garden level. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and pass through two sets of double doors (kept closed in wintertime to manage heat). The first room on your right will be our "parking lot", where you can store strollers, coats, bags, carriers, and shoes. The next room over will be our classroom. Please remove shoes before entering the classroom.

PSJC has a modular classroom system, so the configuration may vary slightly from week to week.

ACCESSIBILITY: This class is at the bottom of a set of stairs. PSJC has a stairlift, but they do not have an elevator for strollers. If you need assistance, Alex will help carry strollers down before class, and back up after class. We are not allowed to leave anything on the landing inside the door, including strollers. Please contact us with accessibility needs at

Maple Street School

Please use the main entrance, directly to the left of the Prospect Park subway station. The front door will be open. We'll be in the classroom space upstairs. Some weeks the downstairs space is used by the PLG CSA.

Please fold your stroller and place it in the storage area to your right and head up the stairs! Please note, stroller storage is very limited.

Once upstairs, you may use any of the tables to store coats, bags, carriers, and shoes. Please remove shoes before joining us on the rug.

ACCESSIBILITY: This class is at the top of a flight of stairs. MSS does not have an elevator. Please contact us with accessibility needs at

Class Guidelines

  • No snacks during class, please.

We encourage you to have a bite just before or just after class, but food must be put away for class time. If there's no way around it, please step outside of the room and rejoin us afterward so we can keep our play spaces clean for everyone.

  • No outside toys, please.

We'll provide all different kinds of things to play with throughout the class that are designed to be shared - but one toy brought from home will inevitably outshine all of them. Personal toys are best kept out of sight until after class. 

  • No phone calls during class, please.

We know some calls just can't be ignored; in those cases please step out of earshot to finish the call.

  • No throwing or hitting others with class supplies.

When you're two, throwing things just seems like a fun and cool thing to do! Unfortunately, our wooden and plastic instruments are safety hazards when airborne, so we've got to nip it in the bud.

  • DO bring your enthusiasm and your singing voice!

Little Bandits is not just a performance for kids, but an interactive experience for adults and children. We'll lead the group in songs, games, and large and small movements, and we invite everybody to follow along. When everybody is participating together, the real magic of Little Bandits can begin.

Photo and Video

We will occasionally take photos or videos during class to use on our website, social media, or printed promotional materials. These photos / videos will be used exclusively for advertising our classes, and will never be sold for profit.

When possible, we will solicit verbal permission from you before using any photo / video of you, your child, or the child's caregiver in Little Bandits promotions. If you do not wish for us to use any photos / videos of you or your family, please contact us and we will be sure to respect your privacy.

We also invite everybody who attends class to share their photos / videos on social media! Tag us with @littlebanditsmusic or #littlebanditsmusic. If your post includes other children or families, ask for their permission before posting!