long meadow @ grand army pl

prospect heights


Tuesdays, 10:30 AM & 4:00 PM

Summer Session 1 begins June 11 and runs for seven weeks. The final classes will be held July 23.

Summer Session 2 begins August 13 and runs for four weeks. The final classes will be held September 3.

(Is there class today?)



  1. Begin at the park entrance at Grand Army Plaza.

  2. On the east side of the plaza, closest to the library and Flatbush Ave, is a pedestrian path.

  3. Follow the pedestrian path into the park until it splits. Keep right to follow the path through the tunnel.

  4. Sing a song in the tunnel and listen for the echo!

  5. The tunnel will open up onto the Long Meadow. Turn right and follow the path. When you reach a set of benches on your right, look to the left for our blue tarp and Little Bandits flag.

Can’t find us? Call us at (484) 282-0996 for guidance.

A limited number of pay-what-you-can spots are available. More information here.
If you need any assistance with registration, please email us at info@littlebanditsmusic.com.