Prospect-Lefferts Gardens


Saturdays, 10:30 AM

Summer Session 1 begins June 22 and runs for six weeks (there will be no class June 15). The final class will be held July 27.

Summer Session 2 begins August 17 and runs for four weeks. The final class will be held September 7.

(Is there class today?)


Walking directions (stroller accessible):

  1. Begin at the park entrance at Lincoln Rd and Ocean Ave.

  2. Follow the road that leads directly into the park (E Lake Dr, a continuation of Lincoln Rd). Use the sidewalk on the left side of the road.

  3. Immediately inside the park, follow the pedestrian path that splits off diagonally to the left (southwest).

  4. Keep left again to continue south, parallel to to the Prospect Park loop (East Dr), heading towards Imagination Playground.

  5. Before you reach the playground, there will be a series of crosswalks on your right, crossing East Dr. Cross carefully, looking out for bicycles and park vehicles!

  6. On the other side of East Dr, turn left to continue southwest. A set of stone staircases will lead up to your right. A dirt path will split off to your left. Follow the paved path in between these.

  7. As this path leads you toward Prospect Park Lake, keep right to head along the water into Concert Grove. Look to the right for our blue tarp and Little Bandits flag.

Can’t find us? Call us at (484) 282-0996 for guidance.

A limited number of pay-what-you-can spots are available. More information here.
If you need any assistance with registration, please email us at